China A50 Stock trading strategy - Saturday, May 8, 2021

China Stock Market Trend Forecast (Reference only)

USD/CNY SELL-Hold, Target 5.5600 (1 US dollar to Chinese RMB Yuan rate)
宝钢股份 BUY-Hold, Target 10.96 (SSE: 600019, Baoshan Iron & Steel)

招商银行 BUY-Hold, Target 61 (SSE: 600036, China Merchants Bank)
复星医药 BUY-CloseN, Target 87.5 (SSE: 600196, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical)

万华化学 BUY, Entry 106.62, Target 185 (SSE: 600309, Wanhua Chemical)
山西汾酒 BUY-CloseN, Target 590 (SSE: 600809, Shanxi Xinghuacun Fen Wine Factory)

隆基股份 BUY-Hold, Target 135 (SSE: 601012, LONGi Green Energy Technology)
京沪高铁 BUY-CloseN, Target 7.3 (SSE: 601816, Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway)

中国国旅 BUY-CloseN, Target 465 (SSE: 601888, China International Travel Service)
紫金礦業 BUY-Hold, Target 20.5 (SSE: 601899, Zijin Mining)

洛阳钼业 Watch, Target (SSE: 603993, China Molybdenum)
宁德时代 BUY-CloseN, Target 590 (SZSE: 300750, Contemporary Amperex Technology)

Note: Trading strategies are based on forecasts for the future, so they may be right or wrong. I hope you make a better strategy of your own by referring to the above and get a lot of profit from good trading.

China A50 Stock trading strategy