China Stock Index : SSE SSE50 CNIA50 CSI300 CSI500

China Stock Index : SSE SSE50 CNIA50 CSI300 CSI500
SSE:000001 SSE Composite Index (= SSE Index = 上证综指 = 上证综合指数 = 上海证券交易所综合股价指数)
SSE = Shanghai Stock Exchange. The SSE Composite Index is a stock market index of all stocks (A shares and B shares) that are traded at the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The SSE is calculated using a Paasche weighted composite price index formula and it means that the index is based on a base period on a specific base day for its calculation. The base day for SSE Index is December 19, 1990, and the base period is the total market capitalization of all stocks of that day. The Base Value is 100. The index was launched on July 15, 1991. SSE indexes: SSE Composite Index, SSE 50 Index, SSE 180 Index, SSE 380 Index.

SSE:000016 SSE 50 Index (上证50指数)
Chinese industry-leading blue-chip stock index of Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE). Top 50 companies by float-adjusted capitalization and other criteria. Launched on January 2nd 2004, base dated on December 31st 2003. The component must be a constituent of SSE 180 Index, thus SSE 50 is a subindex of SSE 180 Index.

SZSE:399310 CNI A50 Index (国证A50指数)
The Index commprehensively considers the sector structure, companies' market value rankings and sector rankings. Theindex aims to reflect the performance of core enterprises in the A-share stock market. Ticker: 399310. Calculation: Adjusted Free-float Market Cap. Base Date: 2010/5/31. Base Value: 1000. Market Breakdown (Number of Constituents and weight): SZSE Main Board 10 (23.74%), SME Board 8 (10.48%), ChiNext Board 6 (9.22%), SSE Main Board 26 (56.56%). Top 10 Constituents and weight: Kweichow Moutai (SSE:600519, Consumer Staples, 10.06%), Ping An (SSE:601318, Financials, 9.00%), CMB (SSE:600036, Financials, 5.91%), HR (SSE:600276, Health Care, 4.67%), Wuliangye (SZSE:000858, Consumer Staples, 4.49%), Midea Group (SZSE:000333, Consumer Discretionary, 4.34%), Gree (SZSE:000651, Consumer Discretionary, 4.03%), Luxshare-ICT (SME:002475,Information Technology, 3.21%), Vanke-A (SZSE:000002, Real Estate, 2.66%), ICBC (SSE:601398, Financials, 2.65%).

SSE:000300, SZSE:399300 CSI 300 Index (Shanghai Shenzhen 300 Index 沪深300指数)
A blue-chip index for Mainland China stock exchanges. A capitalization-weighted stock market index designed to track the performance of the top 300 large to medium cap stocks traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE). The Index has two sub-indexes; the CSI 100 Index for top 100 companies and the CSI 200 Index for 101st to 300th companies. The Index also has ten sub-indices, which reflect specific sectors; CSI 300 Energy Index, CSI 300 Materials Index, CSI 300 Industrials Index, CSI 300 Consumer Discretionary Index, CSI 300 Consumer Staples Index, CSI 300 Health Care Index, CSI 300 Financial Index, CSI 300 Information Technology Index, CSI 300 Telecommunications Index, and CSI 300 Utilities Index. The Index has been calculated since April 8, 2005 and its value is normalized relative to a base of 1000 on December 31, 2004. The index is compiled by the China Securities Index Company, Ltd.

SSE:000905, SZSE:399905 CSI 500 Index = CSI Smallcap 500 index (中证500指数 = 中证小盘500指数)
CSI 500 Index consists of the largest remaining 500 A-Share stocks after excluding both the CSI 300 Index constituents and the largest 300 stocks. The Index reflects the overall performance of small-mid cap A-shares. Ticker: 000905. Base Date: 31-Dec-2004. Base Point: 1000. Launch: 15-Jan-2007. Constituents: 500. Top 10 Constituents: Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (SZSE:002821, Health Care, 0.70%), Liaoning Cheng Da Co Ltd. (SZSE:600739, Industrials, 0.68%), Winning Health Technology Group Co., Ltd. (SZSE:300253, Health Care, 0.64%), CENTRE TESTING INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LTD. (SZSE:300012, Industrials, 0.62%), Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co., Ltd. (SSE:600079, Health Care, 0.59%), Jinyu Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd. (SSE:600201, Health Care, 0.58%), Angel Yeast Co Ltd. (SSE:600298, Consumer Staples, 0.58%), Tianshui Huatian Technology Co Ltd. (SZSE:002185, Information Tech., 0.58%), Sunwoda Electronic Co Ltd. (SZSE:300207, Industrials, 0.57%), NanJi E-Commerce Co., LTD (SZSE:002127, Industrials, 0.57%).