China Stock trading strategy (Ideas) : SSE50 FTSE CHINA A50 上证50指数 富时A50指数

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Meaning of terms :
▷ BUY the Dip : The current price is higher than the entry price. Buy when price drops to/below the entry price.
▷ BUY the Breakout : The current price is lower than the entry price. Buy when price breaks upward through the entry price. ( When price moves above the entry price level.)
▷ SELL the Bounce : The current price is lower than the entry price. Sell when price rebounds to/above the entry price.
▷ SELL the Breakdown : The current price is higher than the entry price. Sell when price breaks downward through the entry price.  (When price moves below the entry price level.)

China SSE 50 Stock trading strategy book
SSE:000016 SSE 50 Index (上证50指数)
Chinese industry-leading blue-chip stock index of Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE). Top 50 companies by float-adjusted capitalization and other criteria. Launched on January 2nd 2004, base dated on December 31st 2003. The component must be a constituent of SSE 180 Index, thus SSE 50 is a subindex of SSE 180 Index.

SZSE:399310 CNI A50 Index (国证A50指数)
The Index commprehensively considers the sector structure, companies' market value rankings and sector rankings. Theindex aims to reflect the performance of core enterprises in the A-share stock market. Ticker: 399310. Calculation: Adjusted Free-float Market Cap. Base Date: 2010/5/31. Base Value: 1000. Market Breakdown (Number of Constituents and weight): SZSE Main Board 10 (23.74%), SME Board 8 (10.48%), ChiNext Board 6 (9.22%), SSE Main Board 26 (56.56%). Top 10 Constituents and weight: Kweichow Moutai (SSE:600519, Consumer Staples, 10.06%), Ping An (SSE:601318, Financials, 9.00%), CMB (SSE:600036, Financials, 5.91%), HR (SSE:600276, Health Care, 4.67%), Wuliangye (SZSE:000858, Consumer Staples, 4.49%), Midea Group (SZSE:000333, Consumer Discretionary, 4.34%), Gree (SZSE:000651, Consumer Discretionary, 4.03%), Luxshare-ICT (SME:002475,Information Technology, 3.21%), Vanke-A (SZSE:000002, Real Estate, 2.66%), ICBC (SSE:601398, Financials, 2.65%).

FTSE–Xinhua China A50 Index (XIN9, SGX:CN, 新华富时A50指数)
Xinhua (新华) = Xinhua News Agency (新华通讯社). Index Identifier is XIN9. FTSE China A50 Index tracks the performance of the largest 50 ‘A’ shares companies in China and is comprising the largest 50 A Share companies by full market capitalisation of the securities listed on the Shanghai stock exchanges (SSE) and Shenzhen stock exchanges (SZSE). Free-float adjusted, market capitalisation-weighted index. Quoted in Chinese Renminbi Yuan (CNY).