Forex chart : Canadian Dollar Chinese Renminbi (RMB) Yuan exchange rate Today. 1 CAD to CNY, 1 CNY to CAD Live chart for Long-term forecast and Position trading

[Canadian Dollar, 1 CAD to CNY]

[1 CNY to CAD, Canadian Dollar]

1 CAD to CNY, CAD/CNY, 1 CNY to CAD, CNY/CAD, Chinese Renminbi (RMB) Yuan exchange rate live chart
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Currency sign (symbol): $ / C$ / ¢, ISO 4217 currency code: CAD.

Official currency of Canada and used in: Canada, Saint Pierre and Miquelon. CAD nickname: Loonie, Buck, Huard, Piastre. USDCAD nickname: Loonie, The Funds, Beaver. Central bank: Bank of Canada (BoC).